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July 7, 2010

NWF 2010 Photo Contest Additions

Harpy eagle
Harpy Eagle
© John Corney 2010
Sometimes I'm absolutely amazed at the workings of the mind. As you know from my previous post, I had submitted 25 photos to the 2010 National Wildlife Federation's photo contest thinking I was done. Anyhow, while I was in San Francisco for the 4th of July weekend I woke up on Saturday morning crying out "The Harpy"! The one photo I wanted to enter was the photo of the Harpy eagle that I took at the San Diego Zoo a month or so ago. I had it in my NWF2010 collection in Lightroom, but somehow I had missed uploading it. One $20 entry fee gets you 25 photo submissions, and I had already done that so I knew I just had to rush back and pay another entry fee and at least submit the Harpy eagle photo, even if I didn't bother to enter any others.

So when I got home on Monday night, the first thing I did was to fire up my computer, sign into my account and attempt to enter another set, only to find there was a problem with the website. It was the evening of Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th was the deadline! On Tuesday they finally fixed their issue and I was able to pay another fee and enter another 25 photos that I'd gotten ready on Monday night. As a result, I have my beloved Harpy eagle photo submitted, along with 49 other photos!

Here's a video compilation of the now 50 photos that I have submitted.

2010 NWF Photo Contest Video at YouTube

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Hannah said...

So glad you persisted and entered your harpy! That's an arresting expression.

All the best,
Hannah Schardt
National Wildlife PhotoZone editor

John C said...

Thank you, Hannah.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall if the zebra butts where in original, but I'm glad you got them in, I really like that picture; I believe I dated both of those asses! muhaha
Seriously, great shot of the Harpy Owl, and of course, all of them! Love the bright little duck too!!
xoxo, Lesli

John C said...

Hi Lesli. No, the zebra butts weren't in the original, although they too were meant to have been. I like that perspective too.

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