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I have been a passionate amateur photographer since I was a kid. In fact, I can pinpoint the exact time that my passion began, which was when I was 9 years old and went on a school trip during the spring vacation and my Dad gave me his "box brownie" camera to take along with me. (To be exact, the camera was a Kodak 'Six-20 Brownie C' roll film box camera, c.1948.

Box Brownie cameras were to the history of popular photography what the Model T Ford was to the history of the automobile, with their low-cost and wide availability placing photography firmly into the hands of the masses.)

What the "Box Brownie" did for photography in the 1950's, the digital camera has taken to the nth degree in the 21st Century. Everyone is a photography enthusiast these days, and computing power, image software, and the internet have enabled all these newly-minted hobbyists, including myself, to publish their art form cheaply and widely for all to see.

My love of photography has only grown with the advent of the digital camera and Photoshop. I hope you enjoy the photos I have shared here on my website.

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