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August 7, 2007

Pink Bromeliad #4 aechmea fasciata

Pink Bromeliad flower aechmea fasciata
Pink Bromeliad (aechmea fasciata)
This beautiful bromeliad is flowering in a pot on my patio at the moment. I guess it must like my garden. I had it sitting under some trees in a pretty shady but bright spot for most of the last year since one of my neighbors moved and gave it to me. Once I saw all the blooms coming I moved it into the sun while it puts on its show. Its common name is urn plant or urn flower, and its botanical name is bromeliad aechmea fasciata. These plants are related to the pineapple, did you know?
Please feel free to post any comments.


Anonymous said...

I love how your plant looks. I wish there was one in my yard.

irmina24 said...

amazing flower!!
I started with one plant and now I have maybe 10 of them. They regenerate!!

irmina24 said...

amazing flower!!

John C said...

Thanks, Irmian24. Yes, they are amazing flowers and like you, I know have several separate plants scattered about the garden. Now are blooming gloriously right now.

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