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June 4, 2007

Photo of Peacock

Peacock Photo with Tail Feathers Extended
Peacock Art Print
I took this photo of a peacock with his feathers fully-extended at the magnificent San Diego Zoo. He was really showing off and pulling in quite a crowd as you can imagine. I had some fun with the image using Photoshop. If you'd like an archival print of this photograph, use the link at the bottom of the page. Of course, all watermarks and copyright markings on the face of the photo will be removed.

Bird Art Prints by John Corney

Peacock Art Prints


Charlie Ketchum said...

Amazing, perfectly Amazing.
Peacocks are amazing
Your photography is amazing.

I adore that picture, may I use it on my myspace? Credits will be given, and they will stay on the photo. Scouts honor.

Anonymous said...

are you selling that photo john? its rebekah bhansali

John Corney said...

Hi Rebekah!

Yes, this photo is for sale. You can find it in my bird photos gallery.


See you soon!


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