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January 14, 2013

How to Recover Photos from a Flash Card Error

If you ever have a card go bad on you in your camera and you have photos you really want, then San Disk's Rescue Pro is awesome.

About half of the files on my card from a recent visit to the Huntington gardens did not show up when I came to download them, but I knew they had to be there.

When I first put the card in the card reader, Windows immediately told me there were errors on the card. At that point, only 5 photos appeared in the download import. After I ran check disk on the card as was recommended by Windows, there were suddenly about 130 photos, but I knew there were more.

A few years ago, a card had gone bad on me when I was taking photos of a wedding, and that worst week of my life ended well when after searching and searching for software that might recover the photos of the actual wedding ceremony itself I finally discovered Rescue Pro.

Once again it found and recovered all the missing photos. Thank you, Rescue Pro! Add it to your took kit!

Here's a site where you can download Rescue Pro. It should be free, or near to it, as I'm pretty sure it's distributed by San Disk as "freeware".

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