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March 10, 2012

National Wildlife Federation 2012 Photo Contest

Great Blue Heron
The 2012 National Wildlife Federation photo contest is about to kick off for the year. Submissions can be make from February 14th until July 16th, but the sooner you enter the better for the Peoples' Choice Awards. The earlier your entries are in, the more votes you can accumulate. Last year was the first year that NWF included the Peoples' Choice Awards and it was spammed with robo-voting of rather inferior images. They received many complaints about this on their Facebook page, and assured us that this year they have taken steps to prevent it happening again. I note that this year you can vote on an image a maximum of once a day. Let's hope they got it right, but being able to vote on the same image more than once still leaves it open to abuse if someone is persistent enough to come back and vote on their image daily, but at least it will amount to a lot less than the thousands of votes for poor images that were seen last year. Anyhow, the main competition is not the Peoples' Choice Awards, but the juried awards. There's even a backyard category, so I bet you can come up with something by just taking a few steps outside.

Here's a gallery of my entries for the contest last year: NWF submissions 2011. None of them won any awards, but still, it's fun to enter, and at only $20 per set of 10, it's one of the cheaper photo contests out there. Plus your submission fee goes towards helping wildlife, so what's not to like.

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