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November 28, 2010

Voting Results for Artists' Haven Gallery Portfolio

Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea to help me select which 18 photos I would submit to Artists' Haven Gallery for my online portfolio with then. Over 200 votes were submitted from the original 75 candidate photos and these are the 19 works that got 4 or more votes:

White Waterlily Panorama,  7 votes

Red Dahlia, 7 votes

Ratana Church Panorama  7 votes

Red and Yellow Dahlia 6 votes

Saguaro Sunset  6 votes

Zebra Behinds 6 votes

California Poppies Panorama  5 votes

Lotus Flower in Black and White  5 votes

Coulters Matilija Poppy 5 votes

Fuchsia - Sepia  5 votes

Red Dragonfly on Lotus Bud  5 votes

Panorama with Barbed-Wire Fence 5 votes

Joined Hands 5 votes

Zebra Portrait  4 votes

Moon Jellyfish 4 votes

Yorky Puppy in a Bowl #2 4 votes

Courtyard of the Casa de Maria Felix  4 votes

La Aduana Green Door  4 votes

Study of Hands and Feet  4 votes

After sharing the results with the gallery owners, they suggested that the subject matter be consistent, and we settled on going with floral works only. The 18 works that will be offered through the gallery to its customers as framed prints can be found here: Artists' Haven Selection.

The sepia fuchsia flower will also be on display framed in the gallery.

Once again, thank you everyone who took the time to help with the selection. I really appreciated it!

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