June 29, 2010

National Wildlife Federation 2010 Photo Contest Submission

Photo of a Smew
I have finally finished selecting and submitting my entries for this year's National Wildlife Federation photo contest.

I submitted 25 entries in total in the mammals, birds, other wildlife, and plant categories.

I put together this video presentation of my entries which can be viewed in HD here at YouTube. Below is a low-definition version.

If you'd like to join in the fun and submit your own entries, you have until July 6th to do so. Here's a link to the competition website.


Denise Leach said...

What an awesome array of photos, it's hard to choose which I like best! But I do believe the Smew is my fav...the black and white color contrast is gorgeous, and works great with the reflection in the is both serene and majestic.

Anonymous said...

I love the pics and the slideshow is fantastic. As always, you are just an incredible photographer John!!

xoxo, Lesli

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