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May 10, 2010

Mountain to Sea Trail, Irvine Ranch, California

Mountains to Sea Trail
San Diego Creek, Irvine, CA
The new Hoag Hospital currently being built on Sand Canyon in Irvine is using a color palette inspired by the flora of the "Mountains to Sea Trail" that crosses the old "Irvine Ranch".

Beginning in rugged, oak-filled Weir Canyon in Anaheim and ending at the Back Bay in Newport Beach, the 22 mile/35km trail takes you south through six jurisdictions - five cities and a portion of the County of Orange - guaranteeing that the only constant on this trek is an exhilarating change of scenery and topography. The Mountains to Sea Trail - the backbone of the 50,000-acres of open space on The Irvine Ranch - was created through cooperative municipal planning to let people of all ages and abilities experience unimpeded the magnitude, magnificence and diversity of The Ranch.

Hoag Hospital and Taylor architects intend to celebrate the launch of the hospital with photographs of the trail's flora submitted by residents of Orange County. The trail passes right by my home here in Irvine, and I ride a section of it most days when I ride my bike to work.

For the competition I submitted a selection of photos in both landscape and portrait format taken in the area of the Back Bay and and the San Diego Creek section of the trail near my home.

The photos I submitted can be viewed here: Mountains to Sea Trail Prints - Landscape Format and Mountains to Sea Trail Prints - Portrait Format

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