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July 13, 2009

Sale on Flower Prints

Something to celebrate tonight. ImageKind, where you can buy prints (framed or unframed) and greeting cards of my digital art, recently did a revamp of their website and now shopping for and customizing prints of my works is a much easier and more pleasing experience than before.

I have a couple of favorite print shops that I use, but when it comes to prints that take on a truly artistic quality, ImageKind is the place I personally go. They do an outstanding job of the printing, and they have the most extensive range of high quality art papers that I know of.

Their papers definitely take you into the real of true art. My personal favorite is the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. It's one of the more expensive papers, but I've never regretted using this paper for the prints I have hanging at home or which I have had made to give away as gifts. It truly is part of the picture, so to speak, in turning my work into art. But all of their papers are a cut above the standard photographic papers.

So to celebrate my new store at ImageKind, I am discounting the works in the Flowers and Creative Fuchsia galleries by 40% till Sunday August 2nd. So make the most of this opportunity in the next couple of weeks, check out what's on offer, and grace your walls with one of my creative pieces.

Before you jump over to my store, here's a video of all the works in the two galleries for you to enjoy and help you identify something you might like.

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