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March 22, 2009

That's Me!

John Corney featured artist at Imagekind.comBy time you get this my 24 hours of fame could well have passed, but I just go an email from someone through alerting me to the fact that I am one of the two featured artists for the day! How exciting is that!

Just in case you miss it and think I was fibbing, I've included a snapshot of the homepage before I retreat back into oblivion! Ha ha!

I recently took some prints I got done by Imagekind home to New Zealand as gifts for friends and family and the quality of the prints is phenomenal. I lashed out a bit and got the prints done on the "photo rag" they offer and it is really worth it. Another cool thing was that I went to the framers with a couple of the people I gave prints to and on both occasions other people in the stores were ecstatic over my work and in one case the framer asked to buy a limited edition series of the print to sell in his storefront (I'm now working on getting some copyright clearance first as I incorporated a famous New Zealand company's cook book cover in the artwork). So that was very exciting.

Anyhow, you can buy prints, frames, and greeting cards of my work at my gallery at Imagekind here if you are at all interested: John Corney's gallery at

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