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November 14, 2008

Water Lily Prints and Cards

Water Lily Panorama by John CorneyHi Friends,

Well, as promised in my previous post when I shared the first photos of water lilies that I was working on, I have done several more that you might not have seen yet. It's been a lot of fun and there's nothing like color to get me excited.

You can see them all in either the Water Lily slide show gallery or the static Water Lily gallery.

Personally I'm looking forward to getting some of these works printed to hang in my house and also I think they will make great greeting cards too. So I have also posted the photos to my gallery at ImageKind where you can order cards, prints, and even custom framing yourselves if you so wish. So go to it and get yourself some water lily greeting cards here: Water Lily Cards and Prints by John Corney

Thanks as always for your interest! Until next time,


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