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April 6, 2008

Photo Restoration Job - Hot Air Balloon Series

Photo restoration job hot air balloon photosHere are some photos I just restored for a friend of mine. She took these photos of a hot air balloon many years ago and told me she was thinking of scanning the old photos and printing them to hang on her stairs. I volunteered to try my hand at restoring them for her. Since this was a volunteer effort, I felt free about taking a little artistic licence, and added some clouds to the background on several of the photos to add some "depth-of-field" and visual interest.

Like all old photos, there were many spots and scratches and after scanning them the color was dull. It was apparently a sunny day that Karen took these photos, and like any photo of a high contrast background like blue sky that is not taken using a UV filter, the sky is grey and washed out. To handle this problem, I used blue skies from my own photos for the backgrounds.

You can view the before and after photos for this photo restoration job in either of two galleries depending on your internet speed:

Photo Restoration - Hot Air Balloon - Broadband Gallery

Photo Restoration - Hot Air Balloon - Dial-Up Gallery


Anonymous said...

Good work! the colors are enhanced and it looks good.

John Corney said...

Thanks, mchilly. It was a lot of fun, actually, and what a great subject to work with when it comes to color!

- John

Anonymous said...

You did a great job! And those colors work so well together!!

Image Masking said...

Really wonderful work you have done thanks a lot for sharing with me!!!

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