January 17, 2008

Old Petrol Pump

Click to view Photo of an Old Petrol Pump on the Wanganui River Road New ZealandDriving up the Wanganui River road in New Zealand last March I noticed this old gas pump (petrol pump as they would say there) at the side of the road. What a forlorn memory to days gone by it made. Of course it has high photographic interest because it is so incongruous. I sits in the grass for a start, and has no structure around it. It looks so out of place. For whatever reason, it has been let be. The gauge dial is in gallons, which tells you it's at least 40 years old since New Zealand adopted the metrics system in the mid-60s. How amazing that it still stands there, slowly rusting, and with lichen growing on it. For its age it actually is standing up incredibly well. I love the sky in the background too. It adds some real drama to the photo.

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