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December 30, 2007

Aloe Flowers #1

Click to view larger photo of Aloe Flowers #1 at the Huntington GardensI went to the Huntington Library to visit the gardens this past weekend as I'd heard that the aloes are blooming at this time of year. There is a large desert garden at the Huntington Library and in fact that is always my favorite part of the gardens to visit. It is a blaze of red, orange, and yellow at the moment as the aloes are in full-bloom.

The Huntington Library and Gardens are located in San Marino which is adjacent to Pasadena in Los Angeles. If you are visiting L.A., add it to one your places to visit, especially if you love gardens. The gardens are extensive. In addition to the desert garden, there is a Japanese garden, and in the spring of 2008 a Chinese garden will be opening. There are also plants featured throughout the large grounds from other parts of the world.

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