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October 16, 2007

Walt Disney Hall Los Angeles - #2

Photo of the Walt Disney Concert Hall #2What a coincidence! Tonight's edition of Huell Howser's "Downtown" series on the LA PBS station KCET featured the Walt Disney Concert Hall. After watching this show, I now know I have to go back again, and not just for a concert. I had walked up some side stairs to a garden level to the left of the concert hall, but it happened to be the intermission for the concert that was taking place yesterday and the garden was filled with concert-goers enjoying the autumn sunshine. With my camera in tow I felt intrusive and didn't linger for very long, but having seen tonight's Huell Howser show I now realize that this is a public space, and not only that, but there are walkways built into the outer skin of the building that Frank Gehry intended for the public to use to clamber over over the exterior of the building! It was a fascinating show, and as I said, I'll have to go back. (Huell Howser's website)

If you live in the LA area and haven't yet been to see the concert hall, make a point of going. You don't even have to go for a concert to have a ton of fun. There are free tours that will take you all over the outside of the building, and much of the inside too, but probably not the concert hall itself unless you have a ticket to a show. It seems that during the season from October to June, there are concerts night and day.

Canon EOS 20D
Exposure: 0.01 sec (1/100)
Aperture: f/20
Focal Length: 25 mm
ISO Speed: 200

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