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September 3, 2007

Pow Wow Performer

North American Indian pow wow male dancerEach year there is a Pow Wow held at the University of Irvine. This photo was actually taken back in April 2005 when I was still using my Nikon camera which wasn't even an SLR camera. So the depth of field for this shot was pretty horrible with the condos and landscaped slope in the background pretty distracting. It took me about an hour or more to make a selection of this wonderful Indian guy so that I could blur the background and my wrist is pretty sore for it too! I mean, look at all the hair and the feathers that had to be isolated from the background. I have to get myself a tablet for this kind of thing. Anyhow, I did the best I could and the photo doesn't look too bad, does it?

Nikon E8700
1/250sec at f/5.1
ISO 50
Focal length 48.5mm


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome photo.
Thank you so much.
What is the name of the warrior?

my emailadress is

Thank you very much !
Little Wing

John C said...

Thank you, Little Wing. I'm afraid I don't know the warrior's name.

Anonymous said...

His first name is Theo and he is from Ashland Ohio, that is all I know.

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