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August 13, 2007

Hummingbird and Bromeliad Flower

Photo of hummingbrid feeding from pink bromeliad flower

Finally! In my first post of one of these photos of a pink bromeliad flower I had mentioned how I had seen a hummingbird feeding on the flowers the Sunday before last in the morning. Of course I just had to capture a photo of that and set up my camera and tripod ready to catch the guy next time he came back. Of course he didn't and my Sunday passed by with me spending most of it waiting behind my camera and growing more and more frustrated. I had even taken the two hummingbird feeders from my yard inside the house to no avail. Another week and another weekend of frustration have past. Today I was working from home so set up outside on the patio and put the camera back up. I actually got a few shots this morning but at that time the plant was in deep shade and obviously to eliminate as much blur as possible the exposure had to be very fast. To be able to take a shot in low light and with a very short exposure you have to really crank up the ISO setting. I had it at 800, so the photos are very grainy. But actually I am thinking they look sort of artistic so I am going to print them nonetheless just to see.

Anyhow, late this afternoon when I was almost ready to pack everything up and come inside, I happened to be delayed by a phone call from a friend, and while on the call along came my wily friend and with full sun shining on him and the flower. I quickly excused myself to my friend, looked through the lens, found it just happened to be trained on the exact flower the bird was supping from, and shot! Finally a respectable photo of the elusive character. I hope you like it! I feel it's been worth the wait, and I have a new-found appreciation of the patience required of nature photographers.

If you would like prints of this or any of my photos, please contact me using the link at the very bottom of the page. I can accommodate a range of sizes and papers. This photo would look exceptional on Kodak's metallic paper.

I welcome any comments on this and all of my photos. Just click the "Comments" link at the end of the post.

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Canon EOS 20D
1/250 sec at f/5.6
70-300mm lens at 300mm
ISO 200


hummingbird gardener said...

Hello John,

In the process of searching for hummingbird photographs, I was directed to your post. I really like your photograph of the hummingbird and the bromeliad.

I have done a lot of research on hummingbird flowers and have never seen any mention of hummers nectaring on bromeliads. This is, indeed, a beautiful specimen flower.

I am a Landscape Designer who is creating an ebook guiding people in the creation of their own hummingbird and butterfly garden.

I would love to have a copy of your photo with the hummingbird, and/or use it on my website which, is in the process of being constructed. Of course I would label it with your credit.

Evelyn Veverka
Sacramento, CA

John C said...

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for interest in the photo of the hummingbird feeding on my aechmea fasciata. Please go to the contact link at the very bottom of my blog pages and email me about a copy of the photo. Thanks! John.

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