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August 7, 2007

Bryce Canyon Rock Warrior

Photo of rock formations Bryce Canyon National Park

While walking back up from the bottom of the Queen's Garden Trail back to Sunrise Point I noticed that in this rock formation I could make out the face of a Mayan or Aztec warrior chief. If you click on this image and look just below the center of the bigger image hopefully you'll be able to make him out. He has a big nose and a high headdress. It was a pretty amazing sight. I wonder if other people have ever picked this out. I think a lot relied on the shadows that were being cast at the time by the sun. Perhaps it doesn't look like a warrior if the shadows aren't just right.

Bryce Canyon National Park website

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi John,
He's a good one all right. Have you noticed the small head in the bottom right hand corner between the 2 lots of greenery? He has a bulbous chin, and what looks like a turban on his head.

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