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July 5, 2007

Plaza Tower 1

Photo of the Plaza Tower in Costa Mesa California at night

Nightime Photo Series

Last Friday night (June 30) there was a "blue moon". A blue moon is the second full moon that falls within the same month. So I packed up my camera and tripod and headed over to the area around the Orange County Performing Arts Center to take some shots.

I've often thought when I've been over there for shows that it would be a great location for a shoot on the night of a full moon. There are many spectacular buildings in the area, and lots of good architectural features to try and make something of for a good architectural photo.

So here we go. This is the first of the series, a photo of the spectacular Plaza Tower. I don't know what the exterior of this building is, but it's a shiny silver in the daylight. On the back (eastern) side of the building, it's a typical flat surface, but on the front side (west) it's curved. Coming south down the 405 S. freeway at sunset you get some spectacular sights of the sunset being reflected from the building's surface. This is one of my all-time favorite buildings.

This photo is taken from the north-eastern corner.
Canon EOS 20D
30 secs at f20
ISO 800
18-55mm lens at 18mm

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