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July 11, 2007

Making a Photoshop Frame Part 2

How to Create a Frame Around a Picture with Photoshop Page 2
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In part 1 of creating a mat and frame with Photoshop we got as far as extending the canvas of the photo with white. Now we are going to create a new layer on which we will build our black border that will become the frame. The quickest way to do that is simply to type ctrl+j. Once you do that your image layers palette should look like this"

Next, select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from your tool box:

Click your mouse and draw a rectangle around your image in the white canvas area. Make sure there's approximately the same margin around all sides before you let go of the mouse button. After releasing the mouse you will see the marquee or "marching ants" around your photo like this:

We are now going to fill the area we have mapped out with the marquee with black. You can navigate to Fill as illustrated below, or simply type shift+F5 which is how I like to do it.

Make sure the fill settings are the same as you see below: black, normal mode, 100% opacity, and Preserve Transparency unchecked:

A this stage, your photo will be totally covered in black like mine below, but don't panic! We'll take care of that in the next post.

Creating a picture frame with Photoshop page 3

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