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July 9, 2007

Imperial Bank Walkway in Color

Nighttime photo of the walkway in front of the Imperial Bank building Costa Mesa

Imperial Bank Walkway at Night in Color

Here's the same photo as the previous post but in its original color. What do you think: better in color or better in black and white? Post a comment.


Anonymous said...

I prefer it in colour, the lights stand out more and i think that is good in night time photography.
The colour image has a warm glow to it, the lighting is really good. I personally feel you miss alot of this when looking at the black and white photograph.

John C said...

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it...and I think I agree with you too.

six06 said...

i stumbled upon your blog while doing a search. i just had to share my two cents. each photo lends a different feel, though i'm drawn to the color one, as it's much warmer and seemingly, more life-like, if that makes any sense. the b/w seems like a study in lines and shadows, where as this one actually has a warm vibe to it. very very beautiful work.

John Corney said...

Thanks for your feedback, six06. It really helps me to know how people react to my photos, and I appreciate the time you took to post your comments.

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