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June 1, 2007

Tree at Arches National Park

Color photo of a dead tree at Arches National Park

Photo of a Dead Tree in Arches National Park, Utah

I went to Arches National Park in Utah over the Memorial Day weekend and naturally took a lot of photos. One of the things that I love photographing in the national parks of the Western United States are the trees. Pinon pines, junipers, cedars, etc. dot the landscape with great artistic beauty. So many of these trees have a compelling sculptural quality formed by the extreme climate. The tree in this series was apparently dead though it must have died over this past winter as it was still holding it's shape and looked as if its leaves had just dropped off. Its starkness was offset wonderfully by the red rock background.

I have made a series of photos of this tree using different techniques, from the color photograph in this post, a black and white interpretation, and two with infrared effects. I hope you enjoy them.
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