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October 27, 2022

Day of the Dead Merchandise Collection

The Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) falls yearly on November 2nd. The festival is a merging of pre-Columbian Aztec rites and the Catholic feast day of All Souls. The celebration of Halloween is closely related. 

In addition to Mexico, festivals celebrating the Day of the Dead take place in many places across the U.S. The festival is characterized by sometimes elaborate altars (ofrendas) memorializing the deceased, with marigolds, colorful paper-cutouts (similar to Buddhist prayer flags), and photos and mementos of the deceased's favorite things, food and drink. Some elaborate ofrendas recreate events such as family gatherings around the dinner table, weddings, and the like. 

I have put together a collection of digital art in celebration of the Day of the Dead. Each artwork is available in a wide array of merchandise, including clothing, mugs, laptop and iPad covers, etc. The collection can be viewed at Day of the Dead Merchandise Collection

Day of the Dead Merchandise
Day of the Dead Merchandise

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