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July 22, 2012

Bird Photo Collection

West-African Crowned Crane by John Corney
I get to take quite a few photos of birds. For a start, I live right next to the San Joaquin Marsh and the San Diego Creek here in Irvine, California. In addition, I am less than 2mi / 3km from the "Newport Back Bay", the wildlife sanctuary of the upper reaches of Newport bay estuary.

Then it's just a few miles north up the coast to the Bolsa Chica estuary at Huntington Beach.

Each of these bodies of water bring a great variety of bird life to this area, especially during the winter months when many migrating birds winter-over in Southern California. This all provides me with easy-pickings for bird photo shoots!

Additionally, I am an easy drive from both the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park with a stunning array of exotic birds in their collections.

Please visit my collection of bird prints for more gorgeous artworks featuring birds.
Thank you for your interest in my photography!

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