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October 24, 2010

Pitcher Plant Photos

Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes)
(c) John Corney 2010
There's no time like Halloween to talk about flesh-eating plants! The other night I worked on the above photo of a tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes) that I took in the conservatory at the Golden Gate Park. I don't know about you, but I really like how this photo came out. If you click through and look at the larger image it is amazing to see the red veins in the plant.

Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants just like the Venus Flytrap that we are all so familiar with. This variety of pitcher plant grows by climbing over trees, but most varieties of pitcher plant grow on the ground. I have some other photos of pitcher plants that grow in swamps. Click this link to view all my photos of pitcher plants

If you are interested in learning more about pitcher plants, here a couple of links to Wikipedia:
Nepenthes at Wikipedia
Pitcher plants at Wikipedia

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