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June 15, 2010

Epson Pano Awards Results

Epson 2010 Pano Bronze Awards
The judging for the 2010 Epson Pano Awards competition to which I entered these 3 panoramas has been completed and the winners announced. Two of my three entries gained "bronze" awards, which is points between 70 and 79 out of 100. Both got 73 points each. They were the photo of the Ratana Church and the McKenzie Country landscape. The piece of Mono Lake got only 63 points. The judges left comments on this piece, and all the reasons they gave for marking it down were funnily enough the very reasons why I personally like this piece. Oh well; there's no accounting for taste. No comments were left for the two bronze award pieces unfortunately.

Here are the comments I got from the judges for the Mono Lake piece:

Exposure - The exposure seems to be incorrect for your subject - it is either too dark or too light in areas that are important to the composition. Consider improving the image either at the time of capture with a more appropriate exposure, or in post-production with a program like Photoshop.

Colour Balance - Most people are very sensitive to colour, but only when it's not quite right. Your entry when viewed on our judge's calibrated monitor appears to have an unwanted colour cast. There could be many reasons - you may like that colour cast (but the judge doesn't), your colour management isn't quite right, or the white balance wasn't set correctly on the camera.

Lighting - Often the difference between a good photo and a great one is the light. This is a big subject and covers many issues, but the judge is indicating that better use of light may improve this image. Is the subject over lit? Is the light too contrasty or too flat for your subject? Is the light helping or hindering the subject.

Here are some interesting stats for the competition:

Country Participation : 79

Overall Entries : 2740
Photographers : 945
Gold Awards : 0
Silver Awards : 31
Bronze Awards : 1299

Interestingly there were no gold awards.

Well, back to work here - the NWF 2010 competition closes on July 6th so I need to get ready for that.

Here's a link to the winners. Unfortunately they have done a really poor job of presenting them - it would be much easier to review the winners if they had put them in a slideshow.

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Lesli Hughes said...

Just wonderful photos Johnny!!

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