April 14, 2010

Panorama Competition

Panorama of Mono Lake with tufas
and snowy Sierra Nevada Range, California
Ok, it's getting close to the deadline for the Epson Pano Awards so I am going to have to submit my 3 works soon.  So, can I ask you to help me out with deciding which ones to enter? Start out by going to my Panorama gallery at Imagekind and viewing the panorama prints in the gallery. Then come back here and vote for the 3 you think would be most likely to impress the judges. I really appreciate your help!

In your opinion, which 3 works should I enter in the Epson Panorama Awards

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1 comment:

Denise Leach said...

Of course I wanted to cast a vote for all of them, but I did manage to limit myself to a reasonable number -- which turned out to be 5 :) The final two I voted for, though, I would really be excited to see a slightly different touch applied. On the Saguaro cactus, it may make for an interesting vertical landscape. And on the Finishing Post, I would love to see a second panaroma with even more horses filling the frame. But definitely this was a tough vote since there's so many great shots to choose from :)

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