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August 6, 2009

The Entranceways of Alamos

Entranceways of AlamosIn my last post featuring photos from La Aduana, I mentioned that the Aduana photos were just the first set of a larger collection of photos from my trip to the region around the Spanish colonial town of Alamos in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Today I'm releasing the second set of photos from the Alamos collection: The Entranceways of Alamos.

Alamos was once the capital of northern Mexico, testament to its role in the colonial period as the center of a rich silver-mining area. Many of the homes in Alamos remain from that period, and are fine examples of the Spanish colonial era, and are now popular with "Gringos" and ex-pat Canadians. The Hershey Family even has a very large stately home in Alamos, and no, it is not made of chocolate logs!

The front doors, gates, and windows of the colonial homes are often works of art and aim to impress the visitor and set the house apart from its neighbors. It seems that for the Spanish colonialists, "keeping up with the Garcias" was achieved with a Cadillac of an entranceway! The Entranceways of Alamos set features some of these doorways and other associated architectural features.

As with this entire collection of digital art, I have processed these photos in a way that results in a colorful watercolor effect, and in some cases, one that also has the look and feel of an impressionist painting.

Click here to watch the Entranceways of Alamos Video

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While I continue to work away on this series, I am offering introductory pricing for prints within the Alamos collection that is 40% less than my usual pricing . Also, everyone that purchases any prints from any of the Alamos collection during this period will receive a free CD of the accompanying videos in HD format once the collection is complete. To get your CD, after completing a purchase at Imagekind, you will need to email me so I can get your address to mail the CD to because I do not know the personal information of purchasers of my work at Imagekind. You can email be from my contact page.

Here are links to the first two videos from the Alamos collection: La Aduana and The Entranceways of Alamos.

For purchases of either framed or unframed prints sa well as greeting cards, go to Entranceways of Alamos and the Images of La Aduana galleries at Imagekind.

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