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June 1, 2008

Sonora Pass Hwy 108 Photo Set

Tree growing from granite rock on Hwy 108 California On our recent trip to Yosemite, Bodie State Park and Mono Lake where also on our itinerary. They are both on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Range and easily accessible by crossing through Yosemite Valley and east over the Sierras via the Tioga Pass. However, since the Tioga Pass was still closed with snow from the past winter we had to skirt round Yosemite by going to the north of the park taking Highway 108 over the Sonora Pass. We were lucky here as the Sonora Pass had only just opened itself that weekend. Despite the extra time and miles added to our trip, we ended up not minding it at all as the scenery on the way was incredibly beautiful, starting with the Stanislaus National Forest and then the Sonora Pass itself. By time we got to the area of the pass it was late afternoon, the sun was getting low in the sky behind us, and the light was just perfect. We couldn't but make frequent stops to take photos.

I've posted a small set of them in the photo galleries.

Sonora Pass Hwy 108 Photo Slide Show Gallery

By the way, you might not have noticed that the url for my photo blog is now Hopefully much easier for you to remember and type if you have to.

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