June 2, 2008

Bodie State Historic Park Sepia Photo Set

Sepia toned photo of the old Methodist church at Bodie State Historic Park, CAAll the photos I've posted of the ghost town of Bodie have beautiful bright blue skies, but if you saw some of the photos of Bodie in the museum at the park there's no blue sky to be seen of course. They are old black and white photos and in pretty bad condition. Anyhow, the subject matter seemed to suit some black and white interpretations on my part, so here are my Bodie photos in sepia.

In early photographic grayscale developing, sepia toning was achieved by replacing the metallic silver in the emulsion with a silver compound, such as silver sulfide. The resulting prints with their yellowish tone got the name "sepia" after the color of the sepia cuttlefish found in the English Channel. Because of the smell of silver sulphide, sepia toning was often referred to as "rotten egg" toning.

Slide show of Bodie sepia toned photo set

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