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June 16, 2008

Fuchsia Photo Set

Red and white fuchsia flowerWhen I was growing up my father was always a great fuchsia enthusiast. He had a backyard that was crammed full of about 60 different kinds of fuchsia. It's from my years of shadowing him in his garden as a kid that I learned my love of gardening myself. The funny thing is that I have never grown fuchsias - well until recently when I bought one with a gift voucher I got for my birthday. I should really know the name of this fuchsia as I recognize it as one that my dad definitely had in his garden. Anyhow, now that it's started to flower in my garden, I had to take a photo of it and made this set. I guess I know what I can give him for Christmas this year.

Fuchsia Flower Set Slideshow Gallery

1 comment:

Michael Ziegler said...

great photo! I really like the clarity and the colors.

Mike Z

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