November 14, 2007

Golf Club at Terra Lago

Click image for larger photo of the Golf Club at Terra Lago, CAIf you take a look at the photo on the website for the Golf Club at Terra Lago in Indio, CA, you'll see a different side than you see in this image. You might call this the "backside". The spot I took this photo from I think was meant to have houses built on it, but with the housing market downturn hitting the desert cities of the Cochella Valley hard, work on Terra Lago has been halted for now.

The thing that struck me as I wandered around here was how destructive we are of the environment. The desert landscape is levelled and grass planted. What was wild is tamed and groomed. Here you can see a bit of both worlds with the green grass of one of the greens, a shipping container acting as a workmen's shed but now abandoned and hidden from the view of the golfers and beyond the rugged desert landscape.

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