August 30, 2007

Sunset Over the Grand Canyon #1

Grand Canyon Sunset
Grand Canyon Sunset
South Rim
I really love the national parks of the Southwestern United States. I'm lucky to live in Southern California as these wonders of the natural world are just a day's drive away. I have been to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon twice in the last 2 years and can't wait to go back.

Of course one of the favorite times at the Grand Canyon is sunset and crowds gather at favorite points overlooking the canyon to watch the fiery display that nature turns on each evening.

This happens to be one of my favorite photos. But what do you think? Please post a comment and let me know.

Canon EOS 20D
Canon 70-300mm lens at 165mm
1/800 secs at f/5
ISO 100


Anonymous said...

Outstanding shot. Hope I get something equivalent when I visit there in May.

John C said...

Glad you like the shot, Annon!

By the way, I did a post on how I developed this shot in Photoshop in this post Adjusting Levels and Curves with Photoshop.

Good luck with getting some great shops in May - which is a perfect time of the year to visit the Grand Canyon, by the way.


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