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August 29, 2007

Polynesian Guy with Turtle Tattoo

Turtles and shark tooth patterns are common in tattoos from the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific.

This guy at Pasifika in Auckland had a classic South Pacific Polynesian tattoo on his upper arm. If I had arms like that I might even consider some body art. Dreams are free!

For another version of this photo please see Polynesian Guy with Turtle Tattoo #2.

Polynesian Turtle Tattoo
© John Corney All Rights Reserved
May not be republished without permission

Canon EOS 20D
Canon 18-55mm lens at 51mm
1/125 secs at f/16
ISO 200

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This guys Tongan . The red coloring inside the turtle is the Tongan can also tell where a person is from and which tribe he/she belong to from the tattoo designs they have. In this case...its Tongan.

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