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July 30, 2016

Peyote Vision in the Desert

Peyote Vision in the Desert after Georgia O'Keeffe
Peyote Vision in the Desert after Georgia O'Keeffee
I've had a little play this afternoon with a photo I took of a flowering ocotillo plant in the desert just outside of Joshua Tree National Park and another photo I took of a sun-bleached rabbit's skull. You may be familiar with Georgia O'Keeffe's painting called "Rams Head With Hollyhock and Little Hills" and the photo from the desert brought that to mind for me so I thought I'd have a shot at throwing the two photos together. I made my rabbit's skull ghostly and ethereal. Anyhow, whatever you think of it, it sure was fun playing around.

By the way, I originally titled this "Desert Vision" but a friend of mine told me that the peyote cactus is a known hallucinogenic and it made her think of a hallucination caused by consuming peyote. So I renamed it "Peyote Vision".

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