February 8, 2011

Black-Faced Sheep

Black-Faced Sheep
(c) John Corney 2011
Living away from my native New Zealand I have learned that the number one icon that represents New Zealand is the sheep. So it's about time I added a photo of a sheep to my collection to prove my "Kiwi bona fides", I guess. (See New Zealand picture gallery)

This black-faced sheep was in a paddock up the hill from my family home in Wanganui. In New Zealand any field that is fenced to hold livestock of any kind is called a paddock. I notice in the U.S. only fields that fence in horses are referred to as paddocks, otherwise they are called "fields".

This paddock illustrates a few of the classic features of a "Townie-farmer", that is to say, someone who has an acre or two to amuse him or herself on a part time basis while they hold down a job in town: pasture that contains weeds, in this case quite a bit of bullrush, and a slack wire fence strung between fence posts that were probably homemade. The sheep, however, is in tip-top condition.

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Anonymous said...

Hey John, Kyle Here, its nice to see some photos taken just around the corner, do you remember if that was when me and blake were with you, hi from us all.

John C said...

Hi Kyle. Yes, I do remember you guys were with me. I really enjoyed those walks up the hill with you two. Glad you like the pics.

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