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October 9, 2010

Last Few Days to Enter 2010 International Aperture Awards

The deadline for entering this year's International Aperture Awards is coming up fast - Friday 15th to be exact.
I must say that I became a little paralized deciding which photos to enter this year. And at at 35USD per photo is the Open category, you have an incentive to enter few photos. I ended up entering 4 photos and am still second-guessing myself that they were the right or best ones.
If you enter the amateur contest the cost is 15USD per entry. The prize money for the Open category is 20,000USD for first prize! First prize in the amateur category is some high-end camera gear.
If you've never entered a photo contest before, consider entering this one. Here are some words of advice from William Long, one of the judges for this year's IAA contest.
What advice would you offer photographers entering a competition for the first time?
Give it a go. Check everything. Put your print up on the wall and stare it for a week or longer. Seek alternative viewpoints, and importantly don’t justify your reason of liking it, just listen to all views and opinions. Some of the best advice I’ve received is from those who have no involvement in photography. Although I never thought I would say this, winning isn’t everything, taking part is the most important part. Photographic competitions aren’t similar to a simple athletic race, but are judged on so many subjective variables, that a winning image from one competition isn’t necessarily going to be judged as high in another.
The full interview with William Long can be read at
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