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September 12, 2010

2010 International Aperture Awards

Saguaro Cactus (c) John Corney
Silver Award Winner 2009 International Aperture Awards
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Time to start thinking about what I am going to enter in this year's International Aperture Awards. Last year I entered 3 photos and got a silver and a bronze award for two of my submissions

See here for my 2009 International Aperture Awards silver and bronze merits

Why not enter something yourself? Here are some thoughts taken from interviews with from some of this year's judges to encourage you:

Dennis Orchard
Be brave. Enter for the experience and the education. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t give up too soon...When you do win, which you will, if you enter and learn from the judging comments, tell everyone and be very very proud of your achievements. (Read the interview with Dennis Orchard here)

Christian Fletcher
Don’t go in expecting to win so if you do it will be sweeter, if you don’t you won’t be disappointed. Remember it is just a game and sometimes you're lucky on the day. I have only won two competitions in the past 20 years. (Read the interview with Christian Fletcher here)

Pin-Up Girl (c) John Corney
2009 International Aperture Awards
Bronze Merit Award
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Jackie King
“Is it good enough?” “Am I proud of it?” If I can happily, confidently answer positively to these two questions then yes I’ll enter, if I have to think about – not a chance. I have a good chat to myself, go away and work harder to improve my image taking so that I might get an image for next time. (Read the interview with Jackie King here)

So with these words of encouragement under your belt, why not give it a shot with your best shot?

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