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May 25, 2010

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle
Apart from knowing how to use your camera, getting a good shot can sometimes take a lot of patience, like the one week I spent as much as time as possible on my patio trying to catch a photo of a hummingbird that would from time to time visit at a bromeliad blooming on my deck. Finally it paid off with this shot of the hummingbird feeding on the bromeliad flower.

Then sometimes a great shot also depends on a great deal of good luck, which is what happened to me this past weekend at the San Diego Zoo with this photo of a Harpy eagle. In all my past visits to the zoo, the Harpies have always been high up in the trees at the back of their enclosure. Sure I have photos of them from those visits, but nothing publishable. But this time round one of the Harpies was sitting very close to the front of the enclosure at eye-level, but far enough from the wire-netting for that to seem to disappear from view once I locked the focus on the bird. This shot actually looks like I took it from inside the enclosure, but I think even my "Keeper's Club" membership wouldn't extend to that privilege. Its eyes are bright and shiny, and the intent look on its face with its head cocked to one side makes it look as if it's staring at me curious to know what I'm up to. And what a feather headdress he has! Great bird, and one of my favorite bird shots ever.

Harpy Eagle print in my Bird Prints gallery.

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