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February 22, 2010

Heliconia Rostrata (Lobster Claws)

This striking flower has the common name "lobster claws" for obvious reasons. Its botanical name is "heliconia rostrata". I'm guessing "heliconia" is Latin for the Greek "helix". And I know all my readers are incredibly vocabulary-rich, so you all know the answer to what is a helix?

I extracted the flower from a photo taken in the conservatory in Golden Gate Park. Of course it was a busy background so it took a little time to do, but not like it would have if I were using a mouse to do the selections, like I had been doing. After years of "photoshopping" and an aching wrist, I bought a Wacom Pen Tablet a couple of months ago. I always knew I should have been using a pen tablet, but if you are a photography/photoshop enthusiast like me, you will know that this is one of the most expensive hobbies you can have the misfortune to get passionate about, and you have to prioritize your purchase; there is always a wishlist. Anyhow, I can say I am more than delighted with my pen tablet, and selections are so much easier and faster now. If you do a lot of photoshopping yourself, including selections, I recommend you get one!

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