December 1, 2009

A Flamingo, a Pelican, and a Cheetah

Some more animals have joined my digital watercolor lineup: a flamingo, a pelican, and a cheetah. Sounds like the beginning of a fable, doesn't it?

I'm sure if you found yourself with a camera in front of a flamingo, you'd want to take its picture too, if you haven't already. I've been in this position several times, but I never have felt all that happy with the pictures I've been able to get. For a start, flamingos are always gathered together in a flock, so it's hard to get one without others to the side or behind creating a bit of a distraction. And then they jerk their heads from side-to-side or dip them in the water, always on the move. They just don't get it that posing for your portrait means keeping still. Anyhow, the picture of a flamingo that accompanies this post is the the one I am most happy with in all my years of snapping flamingo portraits - not too many distractions, and a fairly decent pose.

The pink-backed pelicans at the Wild Animal Park are incredibly comical looking. I'm sure you think I've cartooned the poor guy, but no - that's the goofy look they really have.

And then there's the cheetah that was laying outstretched on the grass in the distance. My friends who were with me that day can tell you how good I was at making Tom-cat wails to attract the cheetah's attention.

I hope you enjoy these additions to my watercolor print collection.

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