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November 22, 2009

Gorilla Lolly-Gagging

Gorilla printI guess "gorilla lolly-gagging" could be either goofing off in a majorly big way, or it could be a gorilla actually idly wasting time. Well in fact in this case, it's the later. A recent visit from a friend meant a trip to both the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. These shots of the "lolly-gagging gorilla" were taken at the Wild Animal Park. She was stretched out on this rock when we first got there, and she was still there posing away when we got back several hours later. It made me wonder if they feel bored at all, as they all seemed particularly passive. But perhaps that's just the way of gorillas? Give them a couch and a TV, and they would be even more like us!

Anyhow, enjoy these first photos of this gorilla from the Wild Animal Park.

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