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April 12, 2009

Sky Tower Casino, Auckland

Sky Tower at night AucklandUntil 1997, the landmark that dominated the Auckland skyline was the volcanic cone in Auckland harbour known as Rangitoto Island, but since then the Sky Tower at Skycity Casino has taken those honors. Seen from almost all vantage points in and around Auckland, Sky Tower has become perhaps the primary icon of Auckland.

The tower is floodlit every night, and special occasions are celebrated with a new color-scheme. When I was visiting in March the tower was lit with a bluish-green or cyan color, and my friend from whose place I took the photos said it was the first time she had seen the tower lit this color.

The night I took the photos was full-moon, and the full-moon can be seen in these photos at "10 o'clock" above the ASB building, not to be confused with the bright street lamp to the lower right of the tower.

These first 5 photos are actually all from the one shot and I am hoping to try and sell some of these photos or others I may work on to an art framing store in Auckland. So I would really like to know which version you like the best. I'm placing a poll at the right side of the blog and would appreciate it a lot if you voted for 1 of the 5. The best gallery to view the photos from is the slide show gallery of Sky Tower. Thanks!

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