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March 24, 2009

Nugget Point and Lighthouse

Nugget Point lighthouse, Catlins, New Zealand
On my recent trip to New Zealand, I joined a group of friends for a trip to the Catlins region. The Catlins is the coastal region at the very south-eastern tip of New Zealand's South Island. It is a very remote and sparsely populated area of the country and features some dramatic beaches and coastline, virgin forest, and spectacular farmland.

One of our first ports of call was Nugget Point which gets its name for the islets or nuggets of rock that point up from the sea just off the headland. The rocks have been uplifted and tilted over millions of years and the sedimentary layers are now vertical as a result.

The headland attracts New Zealand fur seals, New Zealand (Hooker's) sea lions, southern elephant seals, colonies of yellow-eyed penguins, blue penguins, and a host of other sea birds.

A lighthouse stands at the end of the point.

Go here to see my photos of Nugget Point and Nugget Point Lighthouse

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