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July 30, 2008

Old Photos Turn Up in Back Room at Ghost Town!

Bodie Standard MillBefore anyone thinks my headline for this post is for real, it is not! But I got to thinking about what my photos from Bodie ghost town might look like if they'd been left out in the rain, something like that cake in MacArthur Park!(Hopefully some of you are old enough to get that one!) So I had some fun with "ageing" some of the photos. So that's what this set of aged photos of Bodie is all about. I guess the ones with a lot of blue sky are really too bright to be "old" photos, and really old photos would be black and white of course, but I've already done a sepia set from Bodie. Where will it all end? Here, probably. I think I'm done with Bodie for now, and quite possibly you are too, Dear Visitor.

Anyhow, time for some shameless self-promotion. Did you know you can buy greeting cards, photographic prints, and custom frames for many of my photos? So next time you're scratching your head for some unique greeting cards or some art for your walls or for gifts, go to my gallery at ImageKind and check it out. If there's a photo you saw on this site that you'd like but which isn't at ImageKind - since I'm still working away at uploading my photos and it's a big job, you know - just send me an email and I'll prepare and upload the image for you.

If you want a signed limited edition print of any of my photos, you will also need to email me your request as the print obviously needs to come to me for signing and numbering before it can be sent out to you. All my printing is done by the pros at Adorama and the papers used are all high-quality archival papers tested to last a lifetime at least, and you can't take it with you, unfortunately, so hopefully that's long enough...unless you're planning on living more than one lifetime or I get to be really, really famous and your heirs all fight over your extensive collection of my photos. Wink - Just kidding

Till next time, thanks for visiting!

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