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May 12, 2008

Yosemite National Park Series

Yosemite National Park - Bridal Veil Falls and El CapitainI spent the past weekend visiting Yosemite National Park and environs. Yosemite is famous in American photographic lore as being the place made famous by Ansel Adams, and the place that made Ansel Adams famous. I make no pretense at these photos being "after" any of Ansel Adams' photographs. But as I poked my lenses about Yosemite, I often felt the ghost of Ansel Adams, thinking and wondering about him hiking the valley with his heavy camera gear, and what effort he must have put in to capturing those images.

Here are the first few images from my recent trip.

Yosemite National Park Flash Photo Gallery

Smaller images can be viewed in this separate dial-up optimized gallery of photos of Yosemite

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