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November 4, 2007

Sunset at Crystal Cove #1

Sunset at Crystal Cove #1A group of us went for dinner at "The Beachcomber" at Crystal Cove last night, so I went a little early to catch the sunset which was at a couple of minutes before six. I am posting a series of the photos I took, with different coloring effects. I hope you like them all. This and the next one are "originals" that I haven't added color effects to.

Crystal Cove is famous around these parts because a small group of people had leases on land at the beach which recently went back to the State of California at the expiration of the leases. The State is in the process of renovating the cottages that had been built along the beach and the renovated ones are now available for rental. (See for information). Dinner, by the way, was excellent, but a little pricey.

Crystal Cove is located between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach on the southern coast of Orange County, California.

This photo was created using HDR (high dynamic range) technique.
Camera: Canon EOS 20D
3 exposures at 2 EV (1/8, 1/30, 1/2)
Aperture: f/22
Focal Length: 45 mm
ISO Speed: 100

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