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August 7, 2007

Cruising Milford Sound

Boat Cruising New Zealand's Milford Sound
Boat Cruising New Zealand's Milford Sound

I took a lot of photos on my trip to New Zealand in February but have published only a few of them so far. Here are a few more from Fiordland National Park which is a World Heritage park located at the southwestern corner of New Zealand's South Island. The most famous of the fiords is called "Milford Sound". A sound and a fiord are similar in that they are deep narrow waterways that extend for miles in from the sea. The distinction is in how they were formed. Fiords were carved out by glacial action during the last Ice Age, whereas sounds are carved out by the action of rivers. Milford Sound is actually a fiord, but was misnamed by Captain James Cook on one of his two voyages of discovery around New Zealand.

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